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Soup Kettle 12 quart

This commercial soup kettle is a simple and unique way to store and serve prepared soups and sauces for restaurants, catering services...[more]
Daily Rate: $27.50

Pancake grill 21" X 12"
Type: Electric Daily Rate: $25.00
Propane Turkey Deep Fryer

Rental Includes: Propane Burner Stand and a 30 quart Stock Pot with Lid, Basket, Lifting Hook and...[more]
Daily Rate: $29.70

Bar-b-que, Propane 2 Feet X 3 Feet

This bar-b-que has 3 burners and will work on an ordinary 20 lb propane tank.

Daily Rate: $99.00
Burner Stand, Propane
Daily Rate: $13.20
Stock Pot, 50 Litre

This Stock Pot is ideal for outdoor cooking.  


Also check out our Propane Burner Stand.

Daily Rate: $22.00
Bar-b-que, Propane 2 Feet X 5 Feet

This large 4 burner bar-b-que will work on a 30 lb + propane tank. Great for cooking for a large number of...[more]
Daily Rate: $110.00

Bar-b-que, Charcoal 2 Feet X 5 Feet

This bar-b-que has removable legs to make it more transportable. It requires 30 lbs. Of charcoal. Rental rate includes cleaning.

Daily Rate: $55.00
Lobster Cooker, Propane

This Includes: Propane Burner stand and a 80 litre Stock Pot with Lid and Basket (for removing the lobsters from the pot).

Daily Rate: $40.70

Stock Pot, 18 Litre

This Stove top Stock Pot is great for large parties or family gatherings.

Daily Rate: $5.50